Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present

Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Director's Report

1. Action Taken on the Planning and Zoning Commission Items by City Council at the January 14, 2020, Regular Meeting and the January 28, 2020 Regular Meeting.

Consent Agenda

(Routine P&Z business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Commission member or member of staff.)

2. Approve Minutes from the January 7, 2020, Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting.

Item 3

Public Hearing - Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District with a Base Zoning of Mixed Use "MIX" and Adopt Development Regulations, Zoning Exhibit, Concept Plan, Street Sections, Open Space Plan, Ridgeview Drive Conceptual Landscape Plan, Phasing Plan, and Character Area Plan for Approximately 79.258± Acres in the James W. Parson Survey, Abstract No. 705; Thomas Philips Survey, Abstract No. 717; and John Philips Survey, Abstract No. 718, Generally Located Directly South of State Highway 121 and Directly West of Alma Drive. (ZN-101218-0035) [The Avenue - Mixed Use]


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