Director's Report

Director's Report from January 22, 2008 Council Meeting.

Consent Agenda

(1.) Approve Minutes of January 15, 2008, Regular Meeting. (2.) Final Plat - Consider a Final Plat for Bethany Mews/Pecan Homes; being 15.21± acres located southeast of Bethany Drive and Alma Drive. (3.) Final Plat - Consider a Final Plat for The Village At Allen, Lots 1-6, Block A, Lots 1 & 2, Block B, and Lots 1 & 2, Block C. The property is 180.820± acres located at the southeast corner of US75 and Stacy Road.

Item 4

Public Hearing - Conduct a Public Hearing and consider a request to amend PD Planned Development No. 3, Section 3, Allowed Uses, Item o., which states "Other like uses which may be deemed by the City Council to be offensive by reason of smoke, dust, odor, gas, noise, visual, or other pollution" and replace with "Allow uses permitted in the LI – Light Industrial District." And to amend Section 4, Development Standards, Item a., to eliminate the 100’ landscape requirement adjacent to State Highway 5 (Greenville Avenue) and replace it with a requirement for a 25’ landscape easement. The property is located in the Allen Business Centre, Tract I, being 2.0831± acres, and Allen Business Centre II, Tract L, being 2.3496± acres of land, located at the northwest and southwest corners of SH5 and Prestige Circle.

Item 5

Public Hearing – Conduct a Public Hearing and consider a request to amend the permitted uses of PD Planned Development No. 54 to allow a private preschool on 2.150± acres of Tract 5. The property is situated in the W. J. Jackson Survey, Abstract No. 484, being part of Lot 2-R, Block E, Bray Central One Addition, City of Allen, Texas; located south of Raintree Circle and east of Watters Road.

Item 6

General Development Plan - Consider a General Development Plan for Kids R Kids; being 12.852± acres located at the northwest corner of Alma Drive and Exchange Parkway.

Item 7

Preliminary Plat - Consider a Preliminary Plat for Allen Blue Star Storage, Lot 1, Block A; being 6.3944± acres located at the northeast corner of Richardson Court and Main Street.

Item 8

Preliminary Plat - Consider a Preliminary Plat for Greenville Center Addition, Lots 1-13, Block A; being 20.2436± acres located at the southwest corner of SH5 (Greenville Avenue) and Stacy Road.

Item 9

Revised Preliminary Plat - Consider a Revised Preliminary Plat for Lots 4 & 5, Block A, Allen Watters L.P. Addition; being 8.017± acres located south of McDermott Drive west of Watters Road.

Other Business

Upcoming Agenda Items for Planning and Zoning Commission.

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