Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Consent Agenda

[Routine Council business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Councilmember or member of staff.]

2. Approve Minutes of the February 25, 2020, Regular City Council Meeting.

Item 3

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance Establishing Standards of Care Necessary for a Day Care Licensing Exemption for Youth Camp Programs Operated by the Allen Parks and Recreation Department.

Item 4

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance to Amend the Development Regulations of Planned Development PD No. 53 Shopping Center and to Amend a Portion of Exhibit B "Building Elevations" for a Property Generally Located West of Alma Drive and North of Exchange Parkway. [Spanish Schoolhouse - Elevations]

Item 5

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District with a Base Zoning of Light Industrial "LI" and to Adopt Sign Elevations for Allen Tech Center Addition, Lot 6, Block 1, Generally Located Directly North of W. Bethany Drive and West of Century Parkway. [D1 Training - Signage]

Item 6

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance for a Specific Use Permit SUP for a Fitness and Health Center use on Lot 1A, Block A, Cottonwood Creek Village Phase 2; Generally Located north of East Main Street and West of Greenville Avenue (and commonly known as 117 N Greenville Ave.) [Planet Fitness]

Item 8

Items of Interest. [Council announcements regarding local civic and charitable events, meetings, fundraisers, and awards.]

Items 9 & 10

Executive Session. (As needed)

Legal, Section 551.071. As authorized by Section 551.071(2) of the Texas Government Code, the Workshop Meeting and/or the Regular Agenda may be Convened into Closed Executive Session for the Purpose of Seeking Confidential Legal Advice from the City Attorney on any Agenda Item Listed Herein. (Closed to Public as Provided in the Texas Government Code.)

9. Personnel Pursuant to Section 551.074 of the Texas Government Code — Discuss Vacancy in the Position of Mayor on the Allen City Council.

10. Reconvene and Consider Action on Items Resulting from Executive Session.


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