Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Action taken on the Planning & Zoning Commission items by City Council at the March 13, 2018, regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

(Routine P&Z business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Commission member or member of staff.)

2. Approve minutes from the March 6, 2018, regular meeting.

3. Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Status Report.

Item 4

Preliminary Plat – Consider a request for a Preliminary Plat for Stacy Green, Lots 1-9, Block A, and Lots 1-11, Block B, being 78.325± acres located in the F.C. Wilmeth Survey, Abstract No. 999, L.K. Pegues Survey, Abstract No. 702, and H. Wetsel Survey, Abstract No. 1026; generally located at the southwest corner of U.S. Highway 75 and Stacy Road. (PL-Pre- 012918-0018) [Stacy Green]

Item 5

Public Hearing – Conduct a Public Hearing and consider a request for a Specific Use Permit SUP for a Fitness and Health Center use for an approximately 4,213± square foot building located on Lot 1, William F. Chester Addition; generally located south of Allen Drive and east of U.S. Highway 75 (and commonly known as 606 N. Central Expressway). (SUP-021618- 0008) [Infinity Personal Training]

Item 6

Public Hearing – Conduct a Public Hearing and consider a request for proposed amendments to the Allen Land Development Code relating to the following: (1) Amending Article I “General Provisions” by adding a new Section 1.10 “Rules of Interpretation” adopting certain rules relating to interpretation of the ALDC; (2) amending Section 4.08.5 “TH” Townhome Residential District by deleting paragraph 2 relating to the supplemental district regulations; (3) amending Section 4.20.2 “Schedule of Principal Uses” by adding “Personal Service Shop”; (4) amending Section 4.15.2 “Schedule of Residential Height and Area Regulations” relating to lot dimensions for townhomes and masonry requirements for homes; (5) amending Section 4.15.3 “Schedule of Non-Residential Height and Area Regulations” relating to certain front yard setbacks; (6) amending Section 6.06 “Supplemental Use Regulations” by adding Section 6.06.13 “Townhome” relating to supplemental development and use regulations for townhome developments; (7) amending Paragraph 1 of Section 7.05.3 “Nonresidential and Multifamily Landscaping Requirements” relating to landscape buffers adjacent to streets; (8) amending Section 7.09.11 “Sign Schedules” by amending Table 7.23 adding regulations relating to certain signs adjacent to State Highway 121; (9) amending Section 8.02 “General Provisions” and Section 8.03 “Plat Regulations” relating to approval of plats; (10) amending Section 8.05.1 “Street design standards” by adding regulations relating to sight visibility triangles; and (11) amending Appendix A “Definitions” by amending the definition of “Amusement Commercial (Indoor)”, “Medical or Dental Office”, and “Personal Service Shop” and deleting the definition of “Massage Therapy”.


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