Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Directors Report

Action taken on the Planning & Zoning Commission items by City Council at the May 8, 2018, regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

(Routine P&Z business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Commission member or member of staff.)

2. Approve minutes from the May 1, 2018, regular meeting.

3. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Status Report.

Item 4

Regular Agenda

Public Hearing – Conduct a Public Hearing and consider a request to amend the Development Regulations relating to the use and development of Tract 7 of Planned Development PD No. 55 to add a “Medical Clinic” use as a permitted use on Lot 2, Block A, Honda of Allen Addition; generally located south of Motorsport Court and west of U.S. Highway 75 (and commonly known as 410 S. Central Expressway). [Pathways ASC]

Item 5


Discussion of Board Evaluation to Provide Feedback to the Council Nominating Committee.

Additional Item

Additional Item


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