Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present

Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Director's Report 1. Action Taken on the Planning and Zoning Commission Items by City Council at the April 28, 2020, Regular Meeting and May 12, 2020, Regular Meeting.

Consent Agenda

(Routine P&Z business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Commission member or member of staff.)

2. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Status Report.

3. Approve Minutes from the April 21, 2020, Planning and Zoning Commission Regular Meeting.

Item 4

Regular Agenda

Public Hearing - Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider the Proposed Amendments to the Allen Land Development Code relating to Article I, "General Provisions" to add a new Section 1.11, "Lots Located in More than One Zoning District;" Amending Section 4.06, "Changes and Amendments" regarding the denial of applications for zoning amendments with and without prejudice; Amending Section 4.20.2, "Schedule of Principal Uses" by removing Beer & Wine Package Sales Use and Beer & Wine Package Sales With Greater Than 50% Revenue From Beer & Wine Use; Repealing Section 6.03.8, "Beer and Wine Package Sales—Regulations"; Repealing Section 6.03.9, "Beer and Wine Package Sales Permit Process"; Amending Section"Types of Temporary Use Permits" by amending regulations relating to temporary use permits for temporary food vendors and food truck sites; Amending Section 6.05.3, "Site Plan Details" to correct formatting errors in subsection 2 "Site Plan" and require inclusion of a legend; Repealing Section 6.06.8 "Outdoor Storage and Display"; Amending Section 6.06.11, "Solar Panels" by amending regulations relating to location and color of solar panels; Amending Subsection c.i. of Section 6.06.15 "Mobile Food Establishments" relating to operation of a mobile kitchen at a food truck site; Amending Section, "Refuse and Recycling Collection Enclosures" relating to location and screening of refuse and recycling collection areas; Amending Section, "Light Trespass" by amending the regulations to permit light trespass between adjacent nonresidential uses; Amending Section 7.04.1, "Vehicle Parking" to add regulations relating to dead-end parking; Amending Subsection 1.c. of Section 8.02.4 "Administrative Approval of Certain Amending Plats, Minor Plats and Replats" to correct a scrivener's error; Amending Section 8.03.3, "Preliminary Plat" to require a plat note relating to perpetual maintenance of open space and common areas; Amending Section 8.03.4, "Final Plat" to require a plat note relating to perpetual maintenance of open space and common areas; Amending in its entirety and retitling Section 8.05.7, "Median Cuts" relating to median cuts and requirements for establishment of cross access between properties; Amending Appendix A, "Definitions" by deleting the definition for "Beer and Wine Package Sales;" and amending the definition of "Outdoor Storage".


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