Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Stage 3 of the Drought Contingency and Emergency Water Response Plan is effective November 1. Stage 3 restrictions are designed to generate at least a 10% reduction in water use. Stage 3 measures focus on further restrictions of outdoor water consumption. In Stage 3, landscape irrigation is limited to two days per month from November 1 through March 31. Customers must use both the Stage 3 Outdoor Watering Schedule and Watering Date Table ( as provided to all Allen residents in a recent mailing to determine their two allowed watering days per month. If you have questions regarding your scheduled days, please contact the Water Restrictions Hotline: 214.509.3111. Also, please review the FAQs. Stage 3 includes increased enforcement measures with code patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Citations are considered Class C misdemeanors with fines from $200 for first offense up to $2000 for multiple offenses. Ignorin g a citation could lead to a court issued warrant. No warnings will be given for day of use water violations. To report water violations, please call 214.509.3111. Overview of Stage 3 Restrictions All other restrictions apply from the Water Conservation Plan including Stages 1 and 2. Limit landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems between November 1 and March 31 to once every two weeks. Prohibit the operation of spray ground recreation water parks that do not treat and recirculate water. Prohibit hydroseeding, hydromulching, and sprigging of any grass species. Prohibit planting/watering of any cool season grass species (such as ryegrass). Existing swimming pools may not be drained and refilled (except to replace normal water loss). Permits to construct new pools may continue to be issued and the pools may be constructed and filled with water. Initiate mandatory water use restrictions as follows: * Prohibit hosing of paved areas, buildings, or wi ndows. * Prohibit operation of all ornamental fountains or other amenities that use treated water. * Prohibit washing or rinsing of vehicles by hose unless using a shut-off nozzle. * Prohibit using water in such a manner as to allow run-off or other waste. This is not a complete listing of Stage 3 Restrictions. Please review the Water Conservation & Drought Contingency & Water Emergency Response Plan.

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