The Art of Lap Ngo - World Painter

Allen Resident Lap Ngo has traveled the world, from the islands of Halong Bay to the dusty back roads of south Texas. His paintings are an expression of his travels. They speak to us as beautifully as the “Bride” in the African Series tells us of her wedding day. Lap captures life in all his paintings from all over the world; whether that is a European village or a forgotten castle in Morocco.

Lap Ngo is an international artist and a culturally diverse person. He is able to paint what he feels. His love and passion for his paintings are felt as one gazes upon fields of waving grass in Africa and the roughness of a cowboy’s hands. The subjects encourage us to take part in the lives portrayed on canvas by Lap’s expert hand. He takes his time to paint a work of art…he buys the finest linen to make his canvas and stretches them himself. He mixes his paint as he prepares to impart to us…his sight.

Lap Ngo’s world is filled with images from all around the globe. We embrace his paintings and feel like we have been there or that we know the face he has shared. It is not just paint on canvas…the images speak to us, they reach out and touch our souls.

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