Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Consent Agenda

[Routine Council business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Councilmember or member of staff.]

2. Approve Minutes of the November 13, 2018, Regular City Council Meeting.

3. Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Section 2-6, 'Hotel Occupancy Tax Levied' Regarding the Regulations for the Imposition and Collection of Hotel Occupancy Tax.

4. Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Article III, 'Management of Public Rights-of-Way' Regarding the Use of Public Right-of- Way and Master Fee Schedule.

5. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Local Project Advance Funding Agreement (LPAFA) with The State of Texas Acting By and Through The Texas Department of Transportation for Funding Intersection Improvements at Stacy Road and Greenville Avenue.

6. Award Bid and Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Enhanced Landscape Services with Carruthers Landscape Management in the Amount of $209,980 with the Option for Two, One-Year Renewals.

7. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Professional Services Agreement with Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture for the Preparation of a Feasibility Study for the Exchange Parkway Recreation Center in the Amount of $154,873.

8. Motion to Cancel the December 25, 2018, City Council Meeting.

9. Receive the Summary of Property Tax Collections as of October 2018.

Item 10

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance to Amend the Development Regulations of a Portion of Planned Development No. 53 Shopping Center and Adopt a Concept Plan and Building Elevations for the Property Generally Located West of Alma Drive and North of Exchange Parkway. [Acadian Office Park]

Item 11

Conduct a Public Hearing and Adopt an Ordinance to Establish a Planned Development Zoning District with a Base Zoning of Single-Family Residential "R- 6" and Townhome Residential and Adopt a Concept Plan, Building Elevations, Screening Plan, and Development Regulations for 18.688± Acres Generally Located West of Watters Road and Both North and South of Ridgeview Drive. [Lexington Estates]

Items 12 & 13

Other Business. 12. Calendar. November 30 - Holly Jolly Celebration featuring the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, North of the Allen Library, 5:00 p.m. December 1- Rudolph Run, Downtown Allen, 8 a.m. December 2 - Annual Rotary Christmas Parade, Downtown Allen, 2 p.m.

13. Items of Interest. [Council announcements regarding local civic and charitable events, meetings, fundraisers, and awards.]


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