Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present

Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Director's Report Action Taken on the Planning and Zoning Commission Items by City Council at the November 27, 2018, Regular Meeting.

Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda (Routine P&Z business. Consent Agenda is approved by a single majority vote. Items may be removed for open discussion by a request from a Commission member or member of staff.) 2. Approve Minutes from the November 20, 2018, Regular Meeting.

Item 3

Public Hearing - Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider a Request for a Replat for Bray Central One Addition, Lots 2-R-2-A and 2-R-4-A, Block E, being 22.517± acres; Generally Located East of Watters Road and North of Junction Drive. (PL-110918-0061) [Bray Central One Addition]


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