Call to Order

Call to Order and Announce a Quorum is Present Pledge of Allegiance

Item 1

Directors Report 1. Action taken on the Planning & Zoning Commission items by City Council at the November 28, 2017, regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

2. Approve minutes from the November 21, 2017, regular meeting. 3. Final Plat – Consider a request for a Final Plat for Bossy Boots Addition, Lot 3, Block D, being 0.781± acres located in the John Fyke Survey, Abstract No. 325; generally located east of Webster Drive and south of Baumgartner Way. (PL-102717-0021) [Bossy Boots Addition]

Item 4

Revised Preliminary Plat - Consider a Revised Preliminary Plat for Montgomery Ridge Phase III, being 4.096± acres located in the Thomas G. Kennedy Survey, Abstract No. 500; generally located south of Bethany Drive and west of U.S. Highway 75. (PL-Pre-091917-0007) [Montgomery Ridge Phase III]

Item 5

Combination Plat – Consider a request for a Combination Plat for Bethany Road Office Park, Lot 1, Block 1, being 4.5828± acres situated in the William Perrin Survey, Abstract No. 708; generally located north of Bethany Drive and west of Greenville Avenue. (PL-100317-0018) [Bethany Office Warehouses]

Item 6

General Development Plan – Consider a request for a General Development Plan for Starcreek Village, being 8.236± acres situated in the Francis Dasser Survey, Abstract No. 280, and Starcreek Commercial, Lot 2, Block A; generally located south of State Highway 121 and west of Watters Road. (GDP-090617-0001) [Starcreek Village]


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