Allen Public Library Presents: The History and Mythology of Santa Claus

Dr. Carl Anderson, affectionately known as Santa Claus at NorthPark Mall, made a rare appearance as himself at the Allen Public Library Civic Auditorium on November 11, 2010. Dr. Anderson provides a brief overview of the history of Santa Claus and explores the psychological implications of a belief in fantasy and how to respond to children when they discover reality. A licensed clinical psychologist, the title of his dissertation is "On Discovering the Truth: The Reality of the Santa Claus Myth." For over 20 years, Dr. Anderson has portrayed Santa Claus in a uniquely warm, sensitive and loving manner. CBS Evening News declared Dr. Anderson "one of the country's premier Santas..." and the Los Angeles Magazine noted "... he is the closest figure to Santa Claus since Edmund Gwen held Natalie Wood on his lap in Miracle on 34th Street." Featured on CBS, NPR and CNN, and the subject of articles in People, Life, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, Dr. Anderson is noted for being the world's foremost Santa expert. Sponsored by Bach to Books.

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